”It’s a boost to order licenses through Marketplace. Absolutely amazing to keep track on license costs”

  – Åsa Nordin, IT Manager at Trollhättan Energy 

In the midst of a major migration project and investment in Office 365 and Windows 10, Trollhättan Energy chooses to use Advania Marketplace to improve control of licenses. Trollhättan Energy is in the midst of an amicable split from the colleagues at Uddevalla Energy, and they’re bringing IT operations home. Since IT is becoming more important for energy companies – with new areas such as water, cleaning and construction added in recent years – there were significant advantages in taking back control of business services from Uddevalla colleagues. At the same time, it has been decided to switch to Office 365, which is entirely managed in the Marketplace.

”We tried to cut costs and give the simpler license, F1, to some employees, but it did not work properly, so it was easy to upgrade to the standard license in Marketplace.”

Marketplace manages significantly more cloud services than Office 365 – there are over 1,000 services at all levels in the cloud – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. Trollhättan Energy has developed a cloud strategy to control how the company should handle intellectual property rights, data ownership, the risk of cloud bankruptcy or GDPR before moving on and buying more cloud services. Although Åsa Nordin may think of buying directly from cloud suppliers, she believes that it is an advantage to be able to handle the purchase and handling of additional cloud services in the same place.

”Clearly, it’s easier to trade cloud services in Marketplace.”