Marketplace as a Service offers a unique opportunity to sell, manage and invoice IT services to your customers. Through your own cloud portal your customers will have access to more than a thousand cloud services from Advania’s partners and subcontractors. You will also have the possibility to add your own and any other vendors’ cloud services in the platform.

This offer is developed by Advania as a white label offer where you will add name and brand for your service to your end customers. The service is built on the CloudBlue platform, a well proven technology for automation of services that has been in the market for more than a decade. Marketplace as a Service will give your customers access to all the IT services they need through one single interface. The solution is fully automated and integrates any service from public or hybrid IaaS to complex SaaS. Also other forms of services such as hardware as a service and IoT as a service can be managed in the platform. This solution has been under constant development for the past three years in close cooperation with CloudBlue to the point where Advania today can offer a full blown Marketplace as a Service with a complete service offer to customers and unique functionality.



  • A full blown ready to go Marketplace within a months with thousands of services ready from the start.

  • Unique possibility for training and support during your journey to Everything as a Service, including access to technical competence and know how.

  • PayMe – Unique functionality built into the solution for management of article number directory, billing, and price control. Offers a generic integration with most well known ERP systems in the market.

  • BI module for integration with Power-BI.

  • SKU Dispatcher for automatic import and update of prices and new articles.

  • A possibility to integrate services from other vendors, including vendors outside the Ingram Micro ecosystem (APS Connect or APS 2.0).

  • A possibility to set up new services quickly through a more simple semi-automation in order to test new or external services and have fast time to market (APS Quick Start).

  • Multi Federation gives you the possibility to get recognition by vendors for all revenue through the portal.

  • A possibility to launch own services through the portal such as License/Hardware as a Service, IoT as a Service and professional services.

  • Swedish and English support, Operations and Hosting from a Swedish data center.


  • Rapid deployment of new cloud services. A new subscription, of for example Office 365, will take approximately 15 minutes to be up and running.

  • A platform that generates one invoice for all cloud services.

  • Payment methods including invoice, credit card or Paypal.

  • One address, one login. to customer portal

  • Single sign on to manage a variety of cloud services

  • Federated Marketplace with access to all Ingram Micro’s cloud services in Europe

  • Modern user experience through intuitive interface and responsive design.

  • Real time messages to follow orders and all changes made to cloud services.

  • Possibilities for billing though the CloudBlue platform instead of your ERP system.

  • Your own graphic design on your portal with CSS.

  • Search functionality and possibility for unique pricing for each order.

  • Business hours support between 9am –5pm on weekdays, with a possibility to

    extend to 24×7 support.


Depending on who is logging in to the portal


This module is only accessible for you as a reseller. From this module you will manage your customer accounts, orders and services.


• Management of customer accounts.
• Place orders for cloud services.
• Order and billing flow.
• Subscription follow-up.
• Reports
• Management of services and add-on options


This module is where the customer, or the delivery manager at the reseller, will manage the services the customer has subscribed for. The customer can choose which portal and interface to work through, the third party cloud portal or the Marketplace portal. All changes will be real time synchronized between the portals and each administrator of cloud services can choose his or her preferred tool.


• Overview of all service subscriptions, orders and invoices.
• Scale up or down in consumption levels for subscribed cloud services.
• Add Active Directory-users – manual or synchronize from ADFS.
• Manage all of the cloud services
• See historical usage of services and get control over consumption levels and costs.
• Create own graphic profile with CSS.
• Link to the Marketplace Store.


This is the module where the customer will find a web shop for new cloud services not already subscribed to. In the Store the services are presented in a pedagogical and visually intuitive way based on service categories. There is also a possibility to have ready made buying links to a service that can be used in campaigns or digital advertising where a buy bottom will redirect the customer to the buying process in Marketplace.


• Possibilities to organize the structure of the services based on business needs.
• Have customer classifications.
• Build different buying scenarios.
• Create buying links for unique service.
• Create unique add on services and suggested complementary offers.
• Create own graphic profile with CSS.


Choose the right for your business needs

Advania Marketplace gives you the possibility to choose from four different flavors of the Marketplace, you can start small and grow over time if you want:

  • Marketplace Bronze is our start version (SMB)
  • Marketplace Silver, for you how only wants to sell Microsoft CSP (Midmarket/Enterprise)
  • Marketplace Gold, for you how wants a anything as Services Marketplace (Enterprise)
  • Marketplace Platinum, for distribution of a Anything as a Services Marketplace (Distributers)


Comparison of CloudBlue offerings

There is a lot of different options in the market to day, and it can be hard to understand the difference between them. Advanias Marketplace differ from all the others! Because we are delivering a Marketplace as a Service not only a platform. Advania Marketplace is based on CloudBlue technology but there is major difference between subscribe for a platform or a marketplace.

  • Anything as a Service
  • QuickSell your own Services
  • Quick launch of new Services
  • ERP Integration and price update automatically
  • Choose your vendor


And how they can be integrated

APS Quick Start

The service is set up and become available for customers in the Marketplace. The user experience for the customer will be the same as for fully automated services. Behind the scenes there will, however, be a manual process for administrating the services. To set up a Quick Start service is approximately one day of integration work besides the work for establishing the business processes for the service.

APS Connect

APS Connect can be used when there is an ready made API available for APS Connect to communicate with. The solution can be fully automated and the integration is based on the level of automation that is available for that cloud service through the API integration. An APS Connect integration is approximately two weeks of integration work.

APS 2.0

This APS integration is used when you want to add more functionality in the Marketplace and integrate further functions than the cloud service itself can provide. It can also be used for integration of more complex cloud services such as for example G Suite that will require APS 2.0 integration. Project time
may vary from three to twelve months depending on complexity.


A selection of services from the Marketplace that is available as a service in Marketplace as a service.

Some services require a unique agreement between the vendor and the reseller. These services can not be offered in Marketplace before such an agreement is in place.


Cloud services from all over the world

Most of todays IT infrastructure environments is a mix of public IaaS and so called managed or hybrid clouds and locally installed hardware and software. In order to easily manage the infrastructure in all of these platforms Advania offers the Cloud Orchestrator solution. The Cloud Orchestrator will orchestrate all IaaS through one single interface. From this platform the customers can manage virtual machines as well as network and firewalls. When a template has been created for a server OS, this template can be used for deploying services in either Azure, AWS or a vCloud environment from the Cloud Orchestrator. This means that customers can easily manage a heterogenous cloud environment from the Marketplace.


Analyse the business going through your portal

Through the BI module you can follow the status of your sales, projections for future sales, and trends in the business. It is easy to track how the business develops and you are able to rapidly identify growth trends and any changes in customer behavior. The BI module has a PowerBI integration in place which makes it easy to visualize trends through graphs with Microsoft PowerBI.


One phone number for all services

No matter whether it concerns support of cloud services from Ingram Micro, your own services or other cloud vendors you will have a Nordic Service desk to call. The service desk is staffed by approximately 30 employees with Swedish, English, Norwegian and Danish language skills. All cases are registered and managed through a case management system and incoming calls are answered and cases started within the agreed time frames.

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